Important consideration during the upcoming season is keeping your water pipes winter-safe.


Since some water pipes are located either outside or in unheated areas where the temperature may occasionally drop below the freezing point of water, any water in the pipework may potentially freeze. When water freezes, it expands due to negative thermal expansion, and this expansion can cause failure of a pipe system in a number of ways. Condensation control and energy savings are also important reasons to think about insulating those pipes now. Frost King’s Pre-Slit Tubular Foam Pipe Insulation is quick and easy to install and comes in several sizes for a good snug fit for 3/8-In. to 1-1/4-In. pipes. 6-Ft. in length and R-value 2.1 makes this the perfect product to help you save money, energy, and your pipes this winter!

Baby It’s (Going To Get) Cold Outside.

“Winter will bring a frosty bite and next summer will be its mirror opposite, so get ready for a one-two punch,” says Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Now is a good time to start thinking about how to lower those heating bills this season, while still maintaining a comfortable home. Here are just a few items we have in stock to help you keep warm and cozy.

077027000122_PZip up those drafty windows and doors with quality caulk and sealants. GE Interior and Exterior Silicone Rubber Sealant will adhere to most wood, metal, vinyl siding, glass and plastic and is perfect for around windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards and vents. It is 100% silicone and permanently waterproof.

0909_PRed Devil Foam & Fill Expanding Foam Polyurethane Sealant seals, bonds and insulates. It’s great for filling in holes in ceilings’, floorboards and concrete.


Dap “Alex Plus” Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone is a general purpose, mildew resistant solution, perfect for caulking around window and door frames and corner joints.  There are different types of caulking designed for different applications. Read product labels carefully, and ask one of our salespeople for a recommendation based on your needs.