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CHEMPRIME Rust Converter and Inhibitor - Gallon

CHEMPRIME Rust Converter and Inhibitor - Gallon


Treats Rusty Metal Prior to Painting
Removes Rust or Rust Stains
Water Base
For over 60 years, CHEMPRIME® has been used to dissolve and convert rust to a rust preventive compound. CHEMPRIME® has hundreds of uses and can be found everywhere from the home to offshore. If rust or rust stains are a problem, CHEMPRIME® IS THE SOLUTION.

Some Uses of CHEMPRIME®
Treats rusty metal prior to painting
Removes rust stains from painted surfaces
Removes rust from iron and steel
Removes rust from aluminum, copper and brass
Removes rust stains from wood
Removes rust stains from porcelain and glass
Removes rust stains from lawn furniture
Removes rust from marine and farm equipment
Removes rust from gas tanks
Removes rust from trailers and fiberglass boats
Removes rust from toilets and urinals
Removes rust from fence posts, gates and chain link fences
Removes slime and marine growths from fiberglass hulls
Salvages rusty pumps and valves by dissolving rust
Controls rust caused by road salt on trucks and equipment
Treats rust spots on automobile bodies
Removes rust, deposits from radiators and cooling systems
Etches cement surfaces for painting
Removes stains and deposits from brick and granite
Cleans battery cables and terminals
Free rusty bolts and mated parts