Fiberock Brand 1/2 In. x 60 In. x 36 In. Aqua-Tough Tile Backerboard Panel


Fiberock brand Aqua-Tough tile backerboard offers finishing flexibility, strength, and superior water-resistance in a single panel. It is a fiber-reinforced gypsum product that can be used for wet or dry areas, although mainly intended for use in wet areas including tub and shower surrounds. Building environments include: Patient rooms, health and fitness, locker rooms/shower areas/pools, kitchens/food prep areas, cafeterias, single-family residential, multi-family residential/condos, guest rooms/suites, restrooms/utility rooms/loading docks, dormitories, and bars/restaurants/dining areas. This durable panel offers superior performance and tile bond in addition to an integral water-resistant core. Unlike traditional water-resistant gypsum board, FIBEROCK Aqua-Tough tile backerboard derives both strength and water-resistance from its uniform composition. Made of a uniquely engineered gypsum/cellulose-fiber combination, it is strong, water-resistant, and mold-resistant, scoring a 10, the highest possible rating on ASTM D 3273. With no paper face to delaminate, tear, or scratch, it maintains its integrity, even when wet. The backerboard can be finished with ceramic tile or painted, and has a 20 year limited warranty. Recognized within the TCNA Handbook and International Residential code. It is environmentally friendly, made from 95% recycled materials, earning it Green Cross Certification from Scientific Certification Systems. 1/2' thick x 3' W. x 5' L.

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