Marshalltown The Premier Line 3-1/2-Inch Single Texture Stippling Brush with Plastic Block


The MARSHALLTOWN Single Texture Brushes are designed to stipple, swirl, or create sponged effects with plaster or texture paints. The bristles are slightly flared and are made of horsehair and polypropylene. The block handle has multiple attachment options which include a molded handgrip, threaded center hole, threaded side hole, and a tapered side hole. You have the choice between a diameter of 127mm with 89mm sized bristles or a 121mm diameter brush with a 64mm bristle size. Both of these options are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
Horsehair and polypropylene bristles
Multiple handle attachment options
Comes in a 127mm or 121mm diameter size
Made in the USA with Global Materials

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